Growing Potatoes –No Dig Resource

Salad and pots May 12One of the most productive and useful ways to grow potatoes is using  a variation of A No Dig bed  I have compiled all the relevant films on this into a resource post  No- Dig potatoes

This type of bed is easily constructed and can save you so much time and effort as well as producing a brilliant crop.The great thing about using No-Dig beds to grow Potatoes is the win/win results Continue reading

Question: Can You Keep A Fig Tree Permanently In A Small Container?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI get a lot of questions here at Learn How To Garden from subscribers and viewers. I had an interesting one recently from Chin. Here’s Chin’s question:
“I just watched your video about container-grown figs. Is it alright to keep a fig tree permanently in, say, an 18-inch container rather than repot it into ever larger ones every couple of years? Thank you.”

The answer is yes Continue reading

Resources: Garlic

elephant garlicThis is a resource post on the subject of growing garlic the films cover the methods I use and the how to construct a raised bed which will grow not only great garlic but is one of the best and most productive ways of growing vegetables in a garden or an allotment.

There is also a film about wild garlic which you can forage and a film covering elephant garlic both of which are relatives of the Garlic we grow

This first film covers how to grow garlic and shows you type of soil it prefers the spacing it needs and the varieties I have found grow well.

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How to grow Garlic

How to grow garlic

elephant garlicCan you imagine food without garlic? Whether Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese or Thai  as with so many other cuisines, garlic forms one of the major flavours  of our meals. But,yet for most of us the garlic that we eat is a pale imitation of what we can quite easily grow.


Where does garlic grow

Contrary to popular belief, probably because it’s such a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, Continue reading

Resources: Hotbeds

This is a resource post on the subject of hotbeds,it how to construct then and how we can use then to grow salads and vegetables earlier in the season as the hot bed temperature will be in excess of 8C (the ground temperature necessary for the germination and growth of many spring veg) even if there is frost.

NO Dig Hot Bed For Early Vegetables

This film is a month after we sowed the hot bed and it shows germination and growth we have achieved, also as the air temperature has risen and how this affects the hotbed

No Dig Hot Bed – Early Vegetables – April Update

This film shows the Hot bed in Summer and how it is still cropping even though it has now cooled  and has not had any fertilizer applied

No Dig Hot bed  Growing Agretti

This film shows how you can utilize the hot bed concept for seed germination which is especially useful if you have a pollytunnel or greenhouse with no electricity

How to make a Hot bed Propagator

The Power of Pee (or Urine!)

Natural Fertilizers

In most western cultures when you mention using human urine as a natural fertiliser the most common reaction is shock. This is a shame, as we can make great use of the power of Pee.

We can learn a lot about just how effective urine can be for gardens from growing and gardening practices in under developed countries where the gardeners know how to get the most from this precious resource.

Even NASA Use This Method

N.A.S.A have used urine as an effective fertiliser and have carried out extensive Continue reading

How to Grow Rocket or Arugula

Rocket,salad rocket or Arugula to give it its most common names is a herb that actually prefers to grow in the cooler months and is really productive in Spring and Autumn and is much less likely to bolt and run to seed than it will during the height of Summer.

How to grow Vietnamese Coriander–Persicaria odorata

Vietnamese Coriander also called Vietnamese Cilantro,Cambodian mint , Rau Ram,phak phai, is one of those mysterious and exotic herbs used extensively in  Southeast Asian cooking. Vietnamese Coriander is a  frost tender  perennial but will grow fantastically in a large pot and used fresh adds a great lemon zing to your cooking or salads

The Vietnamese coriander is a perennial plant  that grows best in tropical and subtropical zones in warm and damp conditions. In advantageous conditions, it can grow up to 15 to 45 cm.

How to grow and care for  Kaffir Lime