Winter Savory

How to grow Winter Savory                                                                                  (Satureja montana)

There are two main types of Savory which can be grown in Gardens – Summer Savory which is an annual – and Winter Savory which is a perennial and we can grow both of these herbs quite happily in our gardens.  Winter savory can be grown even if we get quite a lot of frost and snow so making it a really useful herb.


satureja-montana-flowerIf you want to grow Savory the best way to think about it is if you grow Rosemary then Winter Savory will grow just as easily.


Growing conditions

Savory needs Continue reading Winter Savory

Calcified Seaweed

This is not seaweed  but a kind of calcified cold water coral and coralline algaehaving the Latin name of Lithothamnion calcareum.

It is dredged from the sea off the French and English coasts. It has been used by Cornish farmers since before c1650

In Northen France, it is called maerle and is used by Breton garlic, onion and broccoli farmers to improve their crops.

Calcified seaweed consists of about 50% calcium, 5-10% magnesium carbonate and a wide range of beneficial trace elements Zinc, Copper, Sulpher ,Iron,Manganese, Cobalt , Boron,  which may be Continue reading Calcified Seaweed

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