Create A Scented Garden


Coming  May 24th – 2015!

My first book – Create A Scented Garden – will be published here as an eBook on Learn How To Garden Dot Com on  May 24th 2015.  Subsequently it will be published on Amazon.

Create A Scented Garden is a practical how-to guide that will teach you how to create a scented environment in the late afternoon and evenings when people can enjoy that environment.

The eBook will teach you how to design the overall feel and structure of a scented garden; it will teach you what plants you can use, what combinations work, what combinations don’t work, etc; and finally it will teach you how to grow those plants (soil, situation, aspect etc).

More details including Table Of Contents, Pricing, Available Formats, etc will follow between now and the publication date.



4 thoughts on “Create A Scented Garden”

  1. Hi there,

    Would you please keep me updated about when your scented garden book comes out! I’m excited to learn from you and plant my own garden.. it’s a personal dream to have a garden filled with beautiful scents.

    Thank you.

  2. As I love the style of your other courses, newsletters etc I am sure this will be a lovely addition to my learning curve… and I intend to share it widely 🙂 Of course the e-book will be a good start and I hope it will quickly be followed by the printed version as some of us are old fashioned and like to sit and read!

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