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How to construct a Pea Harp

Pea Harps are an attractive alternative way of supporting your growing Peas, they are quick and easy to make with the benefit at the end of the growing season the foliage and the supporting natural string can all be composted.

You will need  9 Bamboo canes about 6ft 0r 7ft  Long

1  Large ball of natural string Twool is great

sharp knife


This film shows how to tie a clove hitch knot

Heres a classic Bean Wigwam



How to tie a Clove hitch knot

You will find a Clove hitch the most useful knot to use around the garden and perfect when constructing supports for growing climbers like Peas, Beans ,Squash, Tomatoes Melons and Cucumbers.

Pass the end of the rope around the pole. Continue over the standing end and around the pole a second time. Thread the end under itself and pull tight to form the clove hitch.


Bean Wigwams and Planting Climbing Beans

In this video I will show you how to build a simple wigwam support using the right knots that will  strengthen the structure and then plant out my climbing bean plants.

Its not to late to sow beans directly into the ground in your vegetable beds, and there are a huge variety of beans that will give you a great crop.  Beans are a super crop that can be used in so many ways, as green beans, as mature beans and for store cupboard items too.  A real all round vegetable that is versatile and tasty.

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