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Question:Do you still think the vitapod is the best buy propogator

I get a lot of questions here at Learn How To Garden from subscribers and viewers. I had an interesting one recently from Brandon thats very timely .

Here’s Brandon’s question:

“I have a few questions about the Vitopod propagator. Do you still use it? How long have you had it? Have you noticed any changes in it over the time you’ve had it? Does it still work as well as the day you purchased it?

Do you have other suggestions for propagators that rival the Vitopod’s quality and execution or do you still recommend it as the best on the market?” Continue reading Question:Do you still think the vitapod is the best buy propogator


Resources: Hotbeds

This is a resource post on the subject of hotbeds,it how to construct then and how we can use then to grow salads and vegetables earlier in the season as the hot bed temperature will be in excess of 8C (the ground temperature necessary for the germination and growth of many spring veg) even if there is frost.

NO Dig Hot Bed For Early Vegetables

This film is a month after we sowed the hot bed and it shows germination and growth we have achieved, also as the air temperature has risen and how this affects the hotbed

No Dig Hot Bed – Early Vegetables – April Update

This film shows the Hot bed in Summer and how it is still cropping even though it has now cooled  and has not had any fertilizer applied

No Dig Hot bed  Growing Agretti

This film shows how you can utilize the hot bed concept for seed germination which is especially useful if you have a pollytunnel or greenhouse with no electricity

How to make a Hot bed Propagator


How to grow Agretti Roscano Barba di Frate

Even when your hot bed cools down in the Summer you are left with an incredibly productive No-Dig bed which can be utilised When you have harvested your early crops you can then grow later crops such as runner beans, courgettes or other summer veg using the rotting muck to full advantage, through into the  Autumn when it can be remade to produce the heat that gives it its name
This bed was sown with Agretti  which tastes like samphire and has been cropping for over 6 months .Agretti is also known as Agretto , Roscano or Barba di Frate

If you would more information on Hotbeds I have compiled a resource post which contains all my films on hotbeds,  just click the link below

 Hotbed resource