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A Peek inside The Gardening Club Private Facebook Group

One of the ‘bonuses’ to the Monthly Gardening Club is a members only Facebook Group.

I’m really pleased with how this is starting to blossom and how different members are pitching in to help each other out and answer questions.

Here’s a screenshot of a typical conversation (I’ve blurred out some of the personal details for privacy reasons):

gardening club screenshot 1




Identifying The Mystery Herb – Purslane (And What You Can Do With It)

gardening club 2



















…and more….


gardening club 3















Remember, that the private Facebook group (where you can ask any questions you want) is merely a bonus ingredient to the main parts of the Gardening club.  Click here for more details:




The Power of Pee (or Urine!)

Natural Fertilizers

In most western cultures when you mention using human urine as a natural fertiliser the most common reaction is shock. This is a shame, as we can make great use of the power of Pee.

We can learn a lot about just how effective urine can be for gardens from growing and gardening practices in under developed countries where the gardeners know how to get the most from this precious resource.

Even NASA Use This Method

N.A.S.A have used urine as an effective fertiliser and have carried out extensive Continue reading The Power of Pee (or Urine!)