In this film I show you my technique for successfully germinating chilli seeds.  I have found over the years that the attention to detail pays off and gives you a much higher percentage of germination with what can be quite a tricky vegetable.

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    1. Hi Glyn ring culture is a method of growing Tomatoes in a bottomless pot,the original method was develop commercially and the pots were filled with compost then stood on a bed of clay pebbles,the advantages are the feeding roots are contained within the pot but a much larger rootsysten develops which has access to a consistently moist material which is diseases free as tomatoes are very susceptible to soil borne diseases and the aggregate can be steralised after use and there is less compost used.
      The “Root-Grow’ pots that fit on top of grow bags work in a similar fashion and i find one of the most successful ways to grow Tomatoes

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