One of the easiest savings we can make in our garden is to produce our own liquid feeds.  A variety of plants can be used for this and will give us different feeds suitable for doing different tasks.  In my film I cover how to make an early season nitrogen rich feed and two ways of making potassium rich feed which is great for bulking up root crops and onions at this time of the season.

The other fantastic free resource we have which we should make more use of is urine this post explains why

The power of Pee

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  1. Hi mark.

    Love this video on free fertiliser for your plants. I live 1mile from the sea so I do make my own liquid seaweed. My question for you is if I use a pump which I have….how much quicker can I use the food. I need around 220 litres of water to water all my veg 🙂

    I have been a gardener for a very long time but love learning new methods from people like yourself. Thank you. Eve

  2. Very informative video. I’ve got comfrey but not neetles nor do i live near the sea. Curious what a land locked alternative would be.

    Also shouldn’t you cover the buckets to prevent mosquitos?

    Again Thanks for the useful information. :0)

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