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  1. I put my broad beans last October with the snow we had its bent them over and the plants at bottom just at soil. Are all black do i dig them up or leave. Them they are only six inc high. Thanks

  2. Some great content and helpful tips and in particular on sowing compost and I will definitely be following your tip when sowing some of my Real Seed Co tomato seeds shortly [another great tip of yours]. I have already recommended a friend gets B&Q’s Verve Multi Compost at £6 for 125L – superb value.

    This is my first season having a crack at gardening at the age of 50, following redundancy and a detour to hospital for open heart surgery last year, and I am ready to make plenty of mistakes but at the same time I look forward to counting some successes too! I have found embarking on this journey has been hugely therapeutic and of course there’s the added exercise battling at exorcising my modest intended 6×4 bean bed of wretched bindweed and stones…..need to erect a raised bed for the next project!

    A good matter of fact/wry presentation style tinged with an inimitable underlying dry humour. Thanks for taking the time to produce the video and I shall look forward to more gems to help inspire my future endeavours.

    Thanks again and onwards and upwards – well at least growing stuff anyway!



  3. Love your videos and looking forward to receiving your newsletters. I’m new to the allotment world but like the previous comment I am finding it extremely beneficial following being made redundant last year. Thank you for the tips they are helping me no end.

  4. Handy tips on YouTube and this has brought me to you. Am a South African living in the Netherlands and really need Northern Hemisphere tips on gardening. Thank you
    Anita Bollen

    1. Thanks
      My garden in Cornwall has lots of South African plants from the cape as they grow well with us, glad you find the site useful

    1. When you go on the website a form ought to pop up for you to submit your email address, you do have to confirm your subscription. If you have any problem please let me know.

  5. Appreciate if you could add me to your newsletter subscriber list. The videos are really helpful – we suffered a lot on tomato blight last year. I work as a volunteer on a charitable organic farm which have learning difficulty adults who visit together with older people. I would like to grow 5 varieties of tomatoes both plum and some larger ones this year -about 250 plants so all who visit us can have a free goody bag. We have a couple of poly tunnels but I would like to also grow the majority of plants outside.

    1. Hi Kirti
      Apologies, your post seemed to have slipped the net. Have sorted out what varieties of tomatoes you are growing or do you still need some advice?
      Although you say that you would like to grow the majority outside my experience with tomatoes would suggest although this is viable your crop will not be anywhere near the size of those from the polytunnel. I think your volunteering project is super and I am delighted to offer any help I can to help your project – just ask.

    1. Hi Lisa

      I have added you to the subscription list for the newsletter and I hope you enjoy them. You will receive an email telling you when the newsletter is live together with a password. Please feel free to email me with any gardening questions or plant advice.

      Kind regards


  6. Looks really interesting l have a raised bed allotment. Any help and suggestions are grestly received. Look forward to some good advice.

    1. Hi Kim

      Welcome to Learn How to Garden, my own allotment and garden is based on a mixture of raised beds and no dig beds so most of the techniques that I film and talk about would work perfectly for you.

      Kind regards


  7. I am just starting out in vegetable growing and have already learnt so much from you.
    Cheers. Looking forward to future newsletters

  8. Hi, I’ve recently taken on an allotment. Never been a gardener but loving the whole experience so far. Would like to thank you for all the wonderful information you share, with your help things are actually growing. I get such a thrill every time I see a new shoot 🙂

    Ta Muchly

    Can I please receive your news letter.

  9. I would like to receive your newsletter please. We are in to our second year as allotmenteers and have just taken on our second plot. We have great advice from our neighbours but having watched a few of your posts/videos we are getting more ideas and information which we are thirsty for. Looking forward to more fun and success with our plots this year.

    Happy growing.


  10. Would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Found your video clips very informative and easy to follow. I am interested in growing heritage tomatoes in 2015 any suggestions?

  11. I have just watched your videos on calcified seaweed and making a no dig bed and have found them to be very informative.I would like you to subscribe me to your news letter. Thank you.
    Alan Wilkinson.

  12. I thought I was subscribed and received your emails for a while but haven’t gotten one in a long time. Please re-subscribe me.

  13. Hi, just found your site-Please add me to your newsletter list! I’m going to have to try to make Risotto! I just bought some sun-chokes (Jerusalem artichokes) at the store and am planning on trying to root them. I found your site by searching. Thank You! We have another Blizzard on the way- Gardening by computer right now!

  14. I first saw one of your videos on youtube while looking for advice about growing gooseberries, I thought it was excellent and would like to subscribe to your news letter please. Thank you.

  15. Hi, would like to subscribe, thanks. …also can I grow butternut squash using climbing frames , like runner beans ? To save ground space ? Many thanks, regards. .

    1. Hi Silvano

      Welcome to Learn How to Garden, you have been added to my subscribers list.

      You can use frames for growing squash and I grow a few varieties using this method but you have to be aware that your frame will have to be stronger and also for butternut squash you will have to support the fruits otherwise they will snap off. I will be filming this year how to grow squash on a frame!

      Kind regards


    1. Hi Silvano

      Hopefully you will have received email confirmation of your subscription, if you have not please let me know.


  16. Just watched a couple of your videos on YouTube thought they were very informative and well presented. So i would love to subscibe to your newsletter
    many thanks

  17. Please add me to your newsletter list. Love your Youtube videos. This was asked twice, so hopefully I am on the list only once.

  18. Just watched the melon growing tutorial on youtube, really good please add me to your newsletter.

    Thank you,
    Graham C

  19. Amazing videos and very informative, keep up the great work and helping everyone all over the world! I would love to get access to the newsletter and thanks again!

  20. I am interested in learning more about gardening. I need as much help as I can get so I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

  21. I woud like to subscribe your newsletter and new videos. Thank you.
    By the way,can you show us how to pru ethe fig tree after aseason of fruits please,
    Best regards,

  22. I would love to receive your newsletter, just found your YouTube video on what to do with chillies… helpful. I’m a ‘new’ gardener and have so much produce and made so much chutney. Yummy!

  23. Love your videos and vast gardening knowledge. Please subscribe me to your newsletter. Who knows – my black thumb may even turn green! Thanks!

  24. Hello, please would you add me to your newsletter list? .Your videos are so helpful and informative.
    Thank you

  25. I tried to make your chilli jam and it was absolutely delicious adding the Asian flavours makes so flavoursome and takes right back to Thailand. Thanks . Fadia from Australia

  26. Hi Mark ( The GOD of intelligent plants.) can you add me …only if theirs room for one more lol!.
    and if iv spelt everything correctly lol.
    Im a punctuation nazi unto my self!….. if I dont police my self no one will.

  27. Hi, I watched 2 of your videos for the first time today. I was looking for how to plant shallots and come across your videos and liked them very much. Please add me to your newsletter subscription.

    Thank you

    from Melbourne Australia

  28. Dear Mark,

    I’am subscribed to the newsletter and got an email for the september issue.

    However i am asked for a password which i do not have.

    Could you help me out.

    Bert regards,

    Marcel Volmer

  29. Hi Mark
    Can you subscribe me to your newsletter etc. Been watching you on YouTube for a while and think your advice is great!
    Lynn (Bath)

  30. Good morning 03.57am!
    Please would you kindly add me to your news letter
    I’m unwaged at present so can’t afford subscription. But gardening helps my mental health as I suffer with bad depression
    Many thanks

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