How to construct a WoodBlocX raised bed

If you want tall raised bed because they would fit in with your garden or because the easy of working in them one of the best systems is made by WoodBlocX.Its a modular system that can be tailored to any shape and size,the one’s we installed in our new garden were deliberately positioned on rough ground as it replicated most new garden

These films show how quickly you can transform your garden into a productive space and how easily the WoodBlocX  are to construct.

You can find links to how to initially fill your new raised beds so they can be utilized as hotbeds and created a perfect longterm growing  environment




Best way to fill your raised beds


Replant Disease

Question :rose-on-yardI want to replace an old rose but one of my neighbours mentioned that I should never plant a rose where another has been. Is this just an old wives tale or should I listen to the advice. 

Replanting roses

Replant disorder or replant disease refers to the problem of re-establishing plants in soil where the same species was previously grown. Roses are particularly prone, though it can affect other trees and shrubs namely

Apple,Cherry, Peach,Pear,Quince,Plum and Cistus

It can occur quite quickly after planting even Continue reading Replant Disease


Winter Salads

One of the great pleasures of growing vegetables is to be able to harvest fresh salad in the cooler months,the flavor seems fresher and more welcome through autumn and Winter

its important to use varieties that are adapted to growing in these cooler conditions

The varieties that work for me are Continue reading Winter Salads


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