In my option one of the great ways to combine Tomatoes and Basil and a really tasty Risotto, its quick and easy and the whole meal only takes about 20mins
Risottos are one of my favorite foods and i think they are great way to combine seasonal ingredients from my garden and the Risottos can be wholesome and Wintery or light and Summery

3 thoughts on “TOMATO RISOTTO”

  1. Many thanks Mark, this is my first year of growing anything (other than older) and have successfully followed your advice and tips for a variety of fruit and veg. Great recipe too, my first Risotto at 45! Now having to develop my palate to get the best from the crops. Inspiring.

  2. I think your website is great. I’ve already bought a book you recommended – Grow Your Own Vegetables by Joy Larkum – and I love the fact you have thought to add recipes to use things with, especially surplus red and green tomatoes. Keep on keeping Hattie in the vids as she is so cute and loving and a joy to watch as she runs up and counter surfs, she is like my rescue dalmatian he does the same and he is also a massive fan of vegetables; last year all my attempts to grow were thwarted by him. In the end I had to show him what a full grown onion should actually look like.

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