Tomatoes are the favorite summer crop for most gardeners and if you follow some simple steps will reward you with a taste that you just can not  buy. These films take you through a seasons growing using a variety of techniques and cover how to feed Tomatoes and some of the preventative measures you can take to avoid problems.

1.Starting with Tomatoes

2.How to sow Tomatoes for great germination

3.Tomato seedlings how to pot on

4.How to plant out Tomatoes

5.Tomatoes  the vital importance of ‘Pinching Out’

6.Spraying Tomatoes Organically with “MILK”!!!

7Tomatoes Preventative Organic spraying against Blight

8.Tomatoes    Truss Supports ? On a Tomato !!

9. Tomato Feeding -How to balance nutrients

10.Tomatoes Late Summer update  Defoliate

11. Bettys Tumbling Tomatoes

If you haven’t decided which variety’s of tomatoes to grow this year you may want to watch these films first

A.  Those Tomatoes that simply taste the best

B. Exciting Tomato recommended by Raymond Blanc


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