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Question: Can You Keep A Fig Tree Permanently In A Small Container?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI get a lot of questions here at Learn How To Garden from subscribers and viewers. I had an interesting one recently from Chin. Here’s Chin’s question:
“I just watched your video about container-grown figs. Is it alright to keep a fig tree permanently in, say, an 18-inch container rather than repot it into ever larger ones every couple of years? Thank you.”

The answer is yes Continue reading Question: Can You Keep A Fig Tree Permanently In A Small Container?


How to Grow Turnips

Whats makes then so versatile is that the tops are as versatile and make great green and there are varieties called Rapini which dont produce a bulb at all the best variety for this is Rapa da foglia senza testa .
the only problems you may get are Flea beetle: Leaves are covered in small holes and damaged areas turn brown. Seedlings are particularly susceptible but using fleece with stop this


Growing Strawberries

Strawberries are incredibly easy to grow. Strawberry  can be grown in all sorts of ways, in borders, containers or hanging baskets and remember to add lots of organic matter such as compost or well-rotted manure before planting strawberry plants.
From planting out to picking, strawberries are the fastest fruit you can grow to give you a crop and at home the taste of strawberries will be unlike any you buy


How to grow and plant Sweetcorn

The real reason to grow sweetcorn is that until you do its hard to imagine just how wonderful it is quite simply covered in butter as it coverts sugars very quickly after picking
The latest sweetcorns have shorter growing seasons but its still much better to start then off undercover