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The Power of Pee (or Urine!)

Natural Fertilizers

In most western cultures when you mention using human urine as a natural fertiliser the most common reaction is shock. This is a shame, as we can make great use of the power of Pee.

We can learn a lot about just how effective urine can be for gardens from growing and gardening practices in under developed countries where the gardeners know how to get the most from this precious resource.

Even NASA Use This Method

N.A.S.A have used urine as an effective fertiliser and have carried out extensive Continue reading The Power of Pee (or Urine!)


Jerusalem artichokes -end of season care

One of my winter staples Jerusalem artichokes are so much better fresh out of the ground.Great as a temporary windbreak and with very few problems and because there perennial incredibly cost effective as they will last for years
I made a film showing you how to plant these great vegetables here I show you how to prepare Jerusalem artichokes for the Winter, its simple                                                   one small tip, you can incorporate the herb Winter Savory into your dishes when cooking it as the herb counteracts the affects this great vegetable has on some people

How to grow Jerusalem artichokes



One of the most popular ‘designer vegetables’ Cucamelons are easy to grow productive and fairly trouble free whether being allowed to cascade from a hanging basket or climb a support in the greenhouse with the same care as a cucumber they will produce lots of grape sized fruit.



Quick update of me Chillies growing in the chilli grow shows that having access to feed and water when they want it means that you get a great number of peppers  and strong plants from a really small space



Having grown your garlic the way you harvest it can have a dramatic effect on how long it stores for,so following these simple steps will give you the longest storage possible

If you would more information on growing garlic I have compiled a resource post which contains all my films on hotbeds,  just click the link below

Garlic resource