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Winter Salads

One of the great pleasures of growing vegetables is to be able to harvest fresh salad in the cooler months,the flavor seems fresher and more welcome through autumn and Winter

its important to use varieties that are adapted to growing in these cooler conditions

The varieties that work for me are Continue reading Winter Salads


How to grow Chinese or Garlic chives

How to grow Chinese or Garlic Chives    Allium Tuberosum

Garlic Chives must be oneChinese Chives of the easiest Herbs that we can grow in the garden and it always surprises me is that they are not grown far more as they have lots of culinary benefits and they can give you a great garlic flavour but they’re not as pungent or as strong as a garlic clove. They are evergreen in most gardens and are pretty enough to mixed in amongst your flowers.


Chinese Chives are really low maintenance and Continue reading How to grow Chinese or Garlic chives



Herbs are some of the best things to grow for the kitchen and even it you only have a small patio or a few pots you can add lots of fresh flavor from a small space with this versatile group of plants.They don’t all need free draining soil and lots of heat to grow to there best and as we are all about taste growing your own herbs means you can include them in quantity’s to really transform some dishes.


2.“> Sage






8. Vietnamese coriander

9. Garlic Chives

10. Sculpit



How to grow Chervil

In this video I talk about one of the essential herbs of the French kitchen garden but for some reason one that seems to be forgotten elsewhere. One of the great things about Chervil is that it prefers light shade so doesn’t  fight for space with the better-known Mediterranean herbs


How to grow Mint

Mint Sauce  that’s how most of us remember mint or cleaning your teeth but it a great herb for adding fresh flavor and even making a refreshing drink.

Applemint the best for cooking,Peppermint the best for tea