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Green compost in a No Dig Bed

One of the problems with starting a No Dig bed is that to make one you need either well rotted home made compost or well rotted farmyard manure both of which you may not have if your new to gardening or live in a town or city

Most councils are now obliged to run a “Green waste” recycling scheme and as long as they conform to British Standards Institution’s Publicly Available Specification 100:20  11 there perfect for garden use

Every batch of compost made to this standard is analysed and tested for impurities and contaminants by an independent laboratory, and all procedures are fully documented part of this test is the germination and growing of Tomatoes to test for  contaminants


The result is a compost perfect for all gardens, that can also be used as an environmentally-responsible alternative to peat but with a higher PH so also help cut costs by reducing use of artificial fertilizer and lime




Jerusalem artichokes -end of season care

One of my winter staples Jerusalem artichokes are so much better fresh out of the ground.Great as a temporary windbreak and with very few problems and because there perennial incredibly cost effective as they will last for years
I made a film showing you how to plant these great vegetables here I show you how to prepare Jerusalem artichokes for the Winter, its simple                                                   one small tip, you can incorporate the herb Winter Savory into your dishes when cooking it as the herb counteracts the affects this great vegetable has on some people

How to grow Jerusalem artichokes



Although i say in the intro to this video it climbing and dwarf french beans i also plant Butter Beans which are a type of Runner Bean grown especially for there larger sized beans
The easiest was for most of us for most of us to increase the amount of space we have to grow in is to grow plants vertically. Beans in their many varieties will do this as there normally method of growing is to climb up a support. I filmed this a few weeks ago and will be doing an update shortly to show you how they are growing.


Resources – No Dig Beds

Here is a list of posts with information about No Dig Bed:

I constructed this 9″x3″ Bed and have filmed it throughout the seasons so that you can see how easy it is to provide fresh vegetables from a relatively small area. No Dig Beds are one of the least labour intensive ways of growing.

1.No-Dig Bed Construction

2.No-Dig Bed 16 days after Construction and Planting

3.Early Summer update on our No-Dig Bed

4. Autumn Update on our No-Dig Bed

5.No-Dig Bed Mid Winter update

You may also find the series on growing Perennial Vegetables interesting

A.No-Dig HotBed free heat for early Vegetables

   Constructing a Bed for Perennial Vegetables



How to grow Elephant Garlic

Not as strong as Garlic and in fact a member of the leek family but with a wonderful mild taste and well worth its place in the kitchen garden and quite easy to get great results

If you would more information on growing garlic I have compiled a resource post which contains all my films on hotbeds,  just click the link below

Garlic resource