Tomatoes seed or plants which to choose


Lets be honest more of us grow tomatoes than any other greenhouse crop, but for so many the results are disappointing!


The main problems are not enough tomatoes on each plant or they taste no better than supermarket ones  – this is mainly due cultivation.


The first rule really is use a specialist supplier and the choice is vast compared to the meager half dozen varieties  in garden centres or DIY outlets.  Always choose for taste – now I know that’s subjective but it gives you an idea if you read the description and try new varieties to you as well as your favorites.


As a good rule of thumb 1 in 5  means you will still get the ones you like but you may just find your future favorite


If you need less than a dozen plants, anybody with less than 6×6 greenhouse  will then buy the tomatoes as plants.   Some suppliers let you mix tomatoes with other plants it just more cost affective.


If your not set up to to propagate easily, and its the growing on as much as the germination which is paramount, you are much better buying plants.  They will be stronger and tougher, remember a long thin plant that has been starved of enough light will struggle.  Much better to have short sturdy ones arrive in the post which can go straight in your unheated greenhouse.


In my experience I would recommend Black Plumb – absolutely brilliant for sauces  – the aroma is divine!


Chiquito great small plum great taste

Rosada superb tasting plumb one of my favourites

Auriga my mums fave real tangy flavour

San marzano great italian sauce tomato

Black seaman unique bush great in salads

Prudens purple big fruit real tomato flavour


Green Zebra the one I wouldn’t be without  best flavor in a salad – trust me taste this and you wont regret it!

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