Review-Bob Flowerdew- the No-Work Garden

One of the most well known Organic Gardeners with his own inimitable style as anyone who listens to Gardeners Question Time will know

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  1. Sounds like a book I would enjoy.
    FYI – I tried to subscribe to your sight, but your email to respond to never came through and now I can’t find where to re-subscribe. Just found your YouTube site today and have enjoyed several of your videos. I live in Arkansas USA and don’t believe your gardening timetable will coincide with mine. But I will get many great ideas from you.
    I got started late this year. Didn’t get any plants started until after the 1st of June. Planted some small starts of tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers and okra in buckets (Self-Watering buckets that I made from YouTube videos) and the tomatoes are over my head with many tomatoes, some small yellow squash, and picked a good size zucchini yesterday. We have a long season, no frost until ?not sure? but probably an early one would be in November, but usually don’t take my house plants in until after Thanksgiving (in December). I don’t have access to a truck and don’t live near the ocean or the Gulf so getting some of the things you use in your raised bed will be difficult or impossible. I am making a bed on the curb edge of my front yard. Put black plastic down for about 2-3 weeks. Removed that and covered the area with boxed (1 layer), then grass clippings, next leaves, and finally wood chips (freshly chipped from a neighbors tree [they were glad to get rid of it]). That was a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t know if I could go ahead and plant in it or not. I just watched your “No Dig Bed 30 minutes” video I am wondering if I should add more grass, leaves and compost (which I forgot about when I did it to start) to make it deeper. Mine wasn’t but a couple inches deep. Oh, should I try to remove the chips first and maybe replace them as a top layer, or go over everything and add an additional layer of chips to the top when I’m done? Then I guess I can go ahead and plant in it.
    Let me know where on your site I can resubmit my subscription.
    Right now I am out of work, can find a job, live alone and will be 72 in August. I can buy anything extra so I use compost tea or vermiculture tea to fertilize my buckets. I’m wanting to use this fall, two raised beds I made. I will have to fill them with the grass… I know there are fall crops and seeds are inexpensive right now, but I will have to find out what the fall crops are.
    I thank you for what I am learning and in advance for what I am about to learn.
    God bless you for your channel and sight.

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