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Using Horticultural fleece

One of the  simplest and cheapest ways we can get things growing in our vegetable beds in the Spring is by offering the seedlings and seeds some protection

You can cover your bed with cloches made of either glass or plastic but that can be expensive a far cheaper alternative is Horticultural fleece

Fleece will warn the soil especially in raised beds and keep off a couple of degrees of frost while allowing light and water through while forming a physical barrier to stop birds, rabbits and deer from eating the young seedlings

By excluding the wind it stops delicate seedlings from dying out and allows quicker establishment of roots

Fleece can be left on for the life  of some crops and the fine mesh  types are perfect for stopping carrot rootfly

You can get differing weights of Horticultural fleece the finest is less than 50p  to £2.50 for heaver gauge per metre



Winter Salads

One of the great pleasures of growing vegetables is to be able to harvest fresh salad in the cooler months,the flavor seems fresher and more welcome through autumn and Winter

its important to use varieties that are adapted to growing in these cooler conditions

The varieties that work for me are Continue reading Winter Salads


Growing Spring Cabbage

Spring cabbage  are the cabbages  we grow through the Winter to have available the following spring, they also can be used to produce  Spring greens  which are really just no heading cabbage.

The great thing about growing Spring cabbage is they are spaced  at equidistant spacing and the thinnings in the Spring are used in the kitchen when we need to give more room to the growing cabbage

You can sow Spring cabbage till end of September and plant out till end of October so its perfect for the Autumn

Remember the wider the spacing Continue reading Growing Spring Cabbage