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Planting Sweetcorn with Beans

A classic technique often recommended for interplanting crops is the 3 sisters, were Corn has beans and squash planted between

This method was used by the Plains Indians in the USA and works very well , unfortunately when applied to UK conditions and varieties it doesn’t!!

I have developed a method Continue reading Planting Sweetcorn with Beans


How to tie a Clove hitch knot

You will find a Clove hitch the most useful knot to use around the garden and perfect when constructing supports for growing climbers like Peas, Beans ,Squash, Tomatoes Melons and Cucumbers.

Pass the end of the rope around the pole. Continue over the standing end and around the pole a second time. Thread the end under itself and pull tight to form the clove hitch.



Without doubt the highest yielding vegetables you can grow in the garden and really invaluable for Winter use dried these Butter beans and Borlotti beans are growing in a tiny No-Dig bed in my mums small urban back garden and the soil preparation is now really paying dividends

The Butterbeans I am growing are FAGIOLO DI SPAGNA which are the only ones I have ever had much success with and the Borlotti are LAMON  both from seeds of Italy