Recipe For Sweet Chilli Jam

One of the most surprising ways to use up your chillies is to make a sweet chilli jam.  I find this so useful to have in the kitchen and I never seem to make enough.  So versatile it can be used simply with cheese, cold meats and the basis for a great sauce for all types of dishes.


5 thoughts on “Recipe For Sweet Chilli Jam”

  1. Please can you advise – what do I do with the inside of the limes? do they do in as well? have I missed something?

    Also most importantly I must not eat seeds so could I sieve the seeds out of the tinned fruit prior to putting in the blender.

    Where does the pectin you mention come from in this receipe?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi please can you send me the recipe I have subscribed and searched your site but it just goes back to the sign up page. I watched the video but would like to see the quantities. Would it work with apples instead of berries ? Thanks Pauline

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