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How to plant Roses

When planting Rose bushes its worth taking the effort to prepare the ground and follow these instructions as Roses can grow for 35 years and in some cases a lot longer

There are advantages to planting bare root bushes as there are a far larger selection of them and Continue reading How to plant Roses


Sowing Sweet Peas

When it comes to sweet peas it really is all about the scent after all the only way we get to smell them is to grow them as they have no essential oil so the scent can not be extracted and use in perfume.

Over the years I’ve grow numerous varieties and my favorites would be

Albutt Blue        Elegant and unusual pale-lavender-blue flowers on a white background, very strong scent Raised by Harvey Albutt
Jilly                         The perfect creamy white Sweet Pea with good scent Large frilly cream flowers raised by  F.C. Harris
Painted   Lady   Bi-coloured pink and white blooms. Very old fashioned glorious scent  but shorter stems
Just Jenny          A dark blue nice perfume  but not as strong as some  raised by Eagle Sweet Peas
Charlies Angel     An outstanding pale blue  sweet pea with good scent raised by Charlie Hamner.
The other option is to sow a collection of scented sweet peas
the older fashioned ones tend to have better scent


This is the first in a a series of films on how to grow superb annual flowers and I am absolutely delighted to welcome Benjamin Ranyard of Higgledy Ben is an expert in hardy and half hardy annuals and its the fastest way to had colour and height to your garden.  In fact one of Ben’s collections which costs less than £20 would give you more than enough flowers for the average sized garden.  I hope you enjoy this film keep watching as we will be doing updates and you can grow along with us.



Time to get your greenhouse or cold frame  working for a living,even if there not heated there are lots of vegetables that benefit from a protected start,and a few produce bigger yields if you ‘multiple seed’ then.

If you haven’t already got you seeds or young plants ordered still plenty of time to get those chooses made