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How to grow Chinese or Garlic chives

How to grow Chinese or Garlic Chives    Allium Tuberosum

Garlic Chives must be oneChinese Chives of the easiest Herbs that we can grow in the garden and it always surprises me is that they are not grown far more as they have lots of culinary benefits and they can give you a great garlic flavour but they’re not as pungent or as strong as a garlic clove. They are evergreen in most gardens and are pretty enough to mixed in amongst your flowers.


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Resources: Garlic

elephant garlicThis is a resource post on the subject of growing garlic the films cover the methods I use and the how to construct a raised bed which will grow not only great garlic but is one of the best and most productive ways of growing vegetables in a garden or an allotment.

There is also a film about wild garlic which you can forage and a film covering elephant garlic both of which are relatives of the Garlic we grow

This first film covers how to grow garlic and shows you type of soil it prefers the spacing it needs and the varieties I have found grow well.

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How to grow Garlic

How to grow garlic

elephant garlicCan you imagine food without garlic? Whether Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese or Thai  as with so many other cuisines, garlic forms one of the major flavours  of our meals. But,yet for most of us the garlic that we eat is a pale imitation of what we can quite easily grow.


Where does garlic grow

Contrary to popular belief, probably because it’s such a staple of Mediterranean cuisine, Continue reading How to grow Garlic