Resources: Garlic

elephant garlicThis is a resource post on the subject of growing garlic the films cover the methods I use and the how to construct a raised bed which will grow not only great garlic but is one of the best and most productive ways of growing vegetables in a garden or an allotment.

There is also a film about wild garlic which you can forage and a film covering elephant garlic both of which are relatives of the Garlic we grow

This first film covers how to grow garlic and shows you type of soil it prefers the spacing it needs and the varieties I have found grow well.

I would also like to apologies  for the sound quality on the last couple of minutes as i had to voice-over  during  editing  as I had a problem with the microphone during filming

How to grow Garlic

How to grow Garlic written Post

There are times that for whatever reason you have not been able to plant your garlic in the Autumn,new garden or ground to wet. Most need to be planted before the cooler weather of Winter as the cold snap is what makes the bulbs form individual cloves but if you have a new garden or forgot or even lost it over the Winter you can still plant this – ‘Venetian White’ garlic

How to plant late season Garlic

Having grown your garlic the way you harvest it can have a dramatic effect on how long it stores for,so following these simple steps will give you the longest storage possible

How to harvest Garlic

If you are new to growing Garlic one of the best ways is to use a Raised bed as this creates perfect conditions for strong healthy growth.This film covers what a raised bed is and why I recommend them for growing vegetables

How to build a raised bed

Elephant Garlic is not in fact a true garlic but a member of the leek family,but we grow it in a very similar way to our garlic and its fantastic roasted whole with a delicate garlic flavour

How to grow Elephant Garlic

If your lucky you may even have wild garlic growing near you,if so its great to forage remembering not to collect near roads and always better higher up a bank if possible

Wild Garlic

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