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How to sow Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks are one of the quintessential cottage garden plants but the can also add drama and colour to more modern and even “Exotic” plantings.

The  techniques used for Hollyhocks work perfectly with most biennial or perennial vegetables or flowers

Hollyhocks can add height to most plantings and can be planted under,and Bees love then for there simple flowers.

You can save your own seed and they will once established self seed ,the ones I am sowing I collect while filming on the ILe de Re of the coast of France

They are easy to grow and if you follow these simple tips will give you great results



After about 3 or 4 weeks you will need to transplant your seedlings and How to “Pot On” shows you the best way

Hollyhocks-2015-5This shows the wonderful rich colours Hollyhocks have and why the French call then   Rose Trémière

They were first grown after being collected in southwestern China during, or possibly before, the 15th century so have a long history of cultivation