The wasteful truth about most propagators


This isn’t wasteful in fact if you are going to get a propagator this is the Rolls Royce, now we cannot all afford a Rolls but we could get the best propagator.

The single most important thing about a heated propagator is the ability to accurately set and then maintain a temperature,without a accurate thermostat its likely to be to warm in warm spells and may not get warm enough if temperature drops so not much different than your airing cupboard!

Also the size of the propagator –  some are so small and have no means of ventilation –  they will invariably overheat and this will stop germination and can quite easily destroy the viability of the seeds. If the seeds are to germinate excessive heat will lead to rapid weak growth leaving the seedlings vulnerable to disease

The majority of propagators seem designed to appeal, on a garden centre shelf or in a catalogue and are designed down to a price point rather than being designed to do their job and most of them I believe  waste people’s money.   In the 10 Minute Gardener until you want to spend on a propagator designed up to standard you would be better buying some of your difficult to germinate seeds  as small plants from a specialist supplier.

Having said that I would strongly recommend that you get the biggest and best propagator you can afford the one thing experience has taught me as that no one ever says I wish I’d bought a small propagator!


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