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Scale Insect and Sooty Mould Infestation

Scale insect is particularly tricky to eliminate as the adults form hard waxy shells that act as a protective armour. Worse still, on indoor plants the environment allows them to continue reproducing all year round add to that the honeydew they secrete  becomes a host for sooty mould


Once established  your plants will start to look Continue reading Scale Insect and Sooty Mould Infestation



Growing Citrus can be tricky as they like lots of light, feeding well in the growing season but dont like to be kept wet, but they are tough and even very poorly specimens can be revived.
Lemons and Oranges are great to grow purely for scent and the odd fruit but my favorite is Kaffir Lime as its an essential  ingredient in Thai cooking and almost Impossible to buy fresh and the fresh leaves add so much more to a dish when used.