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Kalettes or Flowersprouts sowing and planting

Flowersprouts  called Kalettes in the USA are a cross between Brussels sprouts and kale but with a distinct sweet ‘nutty’ flavour

Its easy and very productive to grow and fantastic in the kitchen they’re nutritious (packed full of Vitamin C, E and B6) and has been developed over the last ten years using traditional breeding techniques so is a natural cross

It has a Brussels sprout-like growing habit with its tall stem and rosettes forming all the way up to a frilly-leaved top which can also be eaten


Growing Chickpeas —How to sow and grow Chickpeas

One of the most ubiquitous foods we have is Hummus which can be transformed to another level if you have fresh Chickpeas and they are not difficult to grow if you follow some simple rules

Chickpeas are also well-known as garbanzo beans, and are a legume but not really a pea or a bean but do fix nitrogen into your soil so there no need to add nitrogen fertilizer

How to plant out your Chickpeas


Autumn Planting Broad or Fava Beans

This video is about Planting Broad beans and the reasons  I grow mine in moduals and why there best grown slowly.

The varieties I am growing are Aquadulce Claudia I also grow The Sutton and Crimson flowered Broad bean



Growing Citrus can be tricky as they like lots of light, feeding well in the growing season but dont like to be kept wet, but they are tough and even very poorly specimens can be revived.
Lemons and Oranges are great to grow purely for scent and the odd fruit but my favorite is Kaffir Lime as its an essential  ingredient in Thai cooking and almost Impossible to buy fresh and the fresh leaves add so much more to a dish when used.