How to choose the right Propagator

I think we have all wasted more money on propagators that didnt quite give us the results we wanted than any other piece of gardening equipment.Here i try and debunk a few myths and help you choose the one that will do the job you want it to

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2 thoughts on “How to choose the right Propagator”

  1. I think the wife is gonna be happy with this one something for everyone! another great video mark. I wanted to ask about growing asparagus from seed as I’ve set some of and its going great guns but more advice is urgently needed. also are you on Twitter? I’ve started a blog if you fancy a look @ and there’s a link to my other pages on there. I’d be chuffed to bits for any comments or if you could share it.

    Cheers Chris.

    1. Hi Chris really enjoyed your blog looks like your going to have a very productive year,yes i am on Twitter The10minutegardener@10MinGardener as for you Asparagus it does germinate quickly hopefully you have an all male hybred as the female crows produce seed you dont want,you need to get it into individual pots and grow on to plant out in late may

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