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Tomatoes seed or plants which to choose


Lets be honest more of us grow tomatoes than any other greenhouse crop, but for so many the results are disappointing! Continue reading Tomatoes seed or plants which to choose





It’s the heat that were after let’s be honest it’s why we all grow chilies!

The problem is that this search for heat has now become so extreme that quite a few of the chilies available would be classed as biological weapons one of my favourite quotes comes from Lloyd Matheson  of the  University of Iowa who said “capsaicin is so powerful that chemists who handle the crystalline  powder must work in a filtered tox room in full body protection. The suit has a closed hood to prevent inhaling the powder. It’s not toxic but you will wish you were dead if you inhale it”. Continue reading BiOLOGICAL WARFARE WHY CHILLIS ARE HOT!!!


My love affair with Violettea de Choggia!


Isn’t she beautiful and like the most complex women overlapping layers enveloping a exquisite heart.

People say that the effort of growing, preparing and the fiddly eating makes artichokes not worth the effort.

I think that they are worth all that effort and more for there sublime taste of summer.

If you don’t have enough room in your potager then Violettea would be worthy of a place in any flower border as it looks stunning, thus extending your productive space.