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How to grow Chinese or Garlic chives

How to grow Chinese or Garlic Chives    Allium Tuberosum

Garlic Chives must be oneChinese Chives of the easiest Herbs that we can grow in the garden and it always surprises me is that they are not grown far more as they have lots of culinary benefits and they can give you a great garlic flavour but they’re not as pungent or as strong as a garlic clove. They are evergreen in most gardens and are pretty enough to mixed in amongst your flowers.


Chinese Chives are really low maintenance and Continue reading How to grow Chinese or Garlic chives


How to grow Caraway

Caraway is a very easy and fascinating herb to grow.  Its been used since the Stone Age and its best to grow it in soil that is not too rich and certainly soil that doesn’t get waterlogged, it is actually a hardy biennial from the carrot family which means

that we sow it one year and it flowers and set seeds in the second and for most of us the main reason we grow caraway is actually for the seeds Continue reading How to grow Caraway


How to grow Vietnamese Coriander–Persicaria odorata

Vietnamese Coriander also called Vietnamese Cilantro,Cambodian mint , Rau Ram,phak phai, is one of those mysterious and exotic herbs used extensively in  Southeast Asian cooking. Vietnamese Coriander is a  frost tender  perennial but will grow fantastically in a large pot and used fresh adds a great lemon zing to your cooking or salads

The Vietnamese coriander is a perennial plant  that grows best in tropical and subtropical zones in warm and damp conditions. In advantageous conditions, it can grow up to 15 to 45 cm.

How to grow and care for  Kaffir Lime






This is the first in a a series of films on how to grow superb annual flowers and I am absolutely delighted to welcome Benjamin Ranyard of Higgledy Ben is an expert in hardy and half hardy annuals and its the fastest way to had colour and height to your garden.  In fact one of Ben’s collections which costs less than £20 would give you more than enough flowers for the average sized garden.  I hope you enjoy this film keep watching as we will be doing updates and you can grow along with us.